Ballard County History

Ballard County history is as unique as any other place you could imagine.  Ballard County was founded on the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers in 1842. It is named after Captain Bland Ballard, a soldier, statesman, and member of the Kentucky general assembly. The communities within Ballard County have developed distinct characteristics that together, define the county as a whole.

The county seat is located in the far western area of Wickliffe, which is also home to the Wickliffe Mounds. Once the site of a Mississippian village occupied around 1100-1300 AD, the site is now a state historic site and home to a research center and museum. The Axe Lake Swamp Wetlands are an area near Barlow another region of the county.

Roughly 3,000 acres, it supports at least eight rare plants and animals species and is acknowledged as a national wetland area. Also know as a region rich with agricultural influence in the area and family farms. An industrial park and four lane highway in Kevil helps bridge the gap between the neighboring metropolitan area of Paducah and the rest of the county. Additionally La Center is the center of the county, where most shopping and entertainment is found.